iPad and Tablet Repair Services

So much technology nowadays! Mobile devices and tablets have really taken our living standards to another level. These have become part of our lives and are essential to us – everyday – all the time – every hour – every minute!

Since these delicate devices have become so important to us, and are used on a daily basis, they might require a repair from time to time. iPads can fall and break. The screen can shatter or the LCD and touch screen may need to be replaced and more often than not, we get a shocked look on a client’s face.

How can you repair that? “Company so and so” told us that the iPad needs to be sent abroad, Or “company so and so” said that it will cost €€€ to fix!

ipadrepairsmalta.com was created for this very reason. A site to help individuals understand that there is a company willing to fix it for less.. for an iPad repair that works for you. We get the Highest quality parts we can source on the market, and are well known with the locals for our constant quality on iPad screen repairs. We offer an efficient, constant repair service from our repair shop (atom I.T. Repairs located in Mosta, Malta) and have clients coming to us from Gozo as well as local computer re-sellers who trust us with their Apple iPads.

Since the first iPad was launched, we were instantly fascinated by it. So much so that we bought an Apple iPad for our shop! It was such a hit with us technicians that in no time we started using it for as many tasks as possible… handing it down to a different person every time.. until it fell and we broke the screen.

Since this was our jewel we decided to go to the local agent. They offered us a trade in price – not a repair (nearly the cost of a new one – clearly stating that it may contain refurbished or used parts).. we giggled and thought it was a joke…but it wasn’t… WHAT? are you serious?

That is when we realised that we need to repair this ourselves, and we started to offer the best iPad repair solution in Malta ever since.

We pride ourselves in stating that we are the first shop in Malta that started to offer an in-house iPad repair service and continue to offer this unique repair at a fraction of the price of our competitors. All the iPad repairs that are carried out from the our workshop in Mosta are coded, checked, tested, diagnosed and re-assembled to the highest possible standards on the island. We also recondition iPads that have been bent, broken or do not power on at all. Don’t be fooled by others who claim that they are experienced, or know what they are doing. We always offer a warranty on our repairs – not like others who cannot. We offer quality aftermarket Apple replacement parts – not like others who claim the parts are Originals whilst they are not. We refurbish and repair – we do not patch up and close off. That is the difference when choosing our service. We offer complete peace of mind and a genuine understanding of what we are doing through expertise, experience and constant technical training.

A quality iPad repair in Malta is hard to find – we know that all too well. Many of our clients learn that a little bit too late when we have to make up for the mistakes of others. If you want your iPad repaired, we assume you want it repaired to the same standard as before. You would not want your iPad to be patched up without care or your screen to work any worse than before right ?

Whilst the majority of iPad repairs relate to the LCD screen, touch screen or digitizer, we are also trained and highly motivated when it comes to any other Apple iPad problem. Starting with weak WiFi signal problems, charging problems, issues with battery life, touch screen repairs and internal diagnostics. Whether you own the iPad 2, 3 or 4, iPad mini, Air or Pro, we can help on all fronts. We stock all the parts required so that we can offer a fast repair and the majority are tackled in less than 24 hours.

Contact us now on +356 21 422 934 or email us on [email protected] with any questions. We will be glad to help.