About us

Back in 2004, ATOM was a garage. A small 2 car garage converted into a workshop, a couple of desks and our tools. It all started by trying to enter the market of computer building, sales of peripherals, laptops, hard drives, speakers etc …. We realised that this is not the line we wanted to pursue. We knew we could do better. We love technology and love what we do.. how can we turn our passion into a service?

ATOM was initially named ‘Electron’ during its start up. As time passed by we realized that this was a somewhat complicated name for people to remember so that didn’t last too long and was quickly replaced with the easier molecule variant ‘ATOM’. Anyway, our name change proved to be a successful move. It was easier for people to remember, shorter to pronounce and the industry CPU giant Intel, decided to release a CPU code named ATOM. Great stuff..

During this time we started to focus on what we do best.. helping our clients repair the device that they use on a daily basis. We always received the same feedback : Do I really need to buy a new one? Not anymore! We are taking on the challenge to fix something that no other shop will dare touch because their interest is only to sell you something new and profit off it. We are dedicated to repairing devices and will continue to do so.

We are now specialised to offer the absolute best iPad screen repairs in Malta, all Tablets (Generic, OEM or branded), iPhone screen repairs, Macbooks, Servers, Laptops, any Smartphone brand, printers, TFT screens and so much more. From windows based units to Apple OSX operating system devices, liquid damage treatments or critical data recovery, we’ve got you covered.

Since the start of 2014 we’ve also introduced same day iPhone screen repairs and 24 hour iPad screen repairs in an effort to keep up the efficiency levels expected in the market. Our guarantee to you is that we offer the fastest and best repairs on the island, whilst making sure that the quality of the repair is not overlooked.